Lance Phillips

Lance Phillips is a Partner in the Digital Media and Music Groups.

His work focuses primarily on artist-based music/media agreements (recording, music publishing, composing, merchandise, producer, management, branding, print publishing) – specifically, on digital, interactive, VR, AI, web3, metaverse, online and mobile exploitation of music and content, music in the computer games, film/TV, interactive and technology start-up sectors, interactive software/applications, software and content licensing, digital distribution, branding, merchandising and sponsorship, image and intellectual property rights and advising on music rights’ acquisition, licensing and use, and book/print/e-book publishing.

Lance also advises clients on the sale and purchase of music assets including catalogue recording and music publishing rights, and has been involved in a number of high-value and high-profile sale and acquisition transactions.

Lance acts for highly established and new artists, independent labels/publishers/distributors, tech companies from start-ups to fully-funded, advertising agencies, content providers, computer games companies, design agencies, creative production companies, digital providers and platforms within the music, media, tech and digital/interactive sectors.

His telephone number is: 020 7079 0124
His email is: 

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