Reputation Management

Social network penetration and online media means news spreads faster than ever before. In this climate it’s critical to provide immediate, bespoke advice to clients. 

Sheridans understands the value of reputation and the damage that can be caused by unjustified or unwanted media attention and the Firm has a wealth of experience with the media and publishing industries enabling them to provide robust advice in time sensitive situations. 

The Firm provides advice to clients including high profile figures, celebrities, businesses, brands and regulatory bodies in all aspects of reputation management and media coverage. 

Advice and representation is provided, both before and after publication, in respect of claims in defamation, breach of confidence, misuse of private information and any situations that have the potential to affect adversely the reputation of clients. 

Sheridans appreciates the importance of achieving a prompt resolution to reduce the risk of further harm without the need for expensive, protracted litigation.