Sheridans can boast some of the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyers in the business, assisting leading broadcasters, independent producers, distributors, financiers and brands. 

The team advises every aspect of content creation and monetization, on broadcast television, VOD, IPTV, the internet, on mobile, as apps and on tablets and embraces a ‘360 degrees’ approach to exploitation, working alongside specialists in live events, theatre, music, publishing and interactive media. 

The financing of TV programmes, particularly ‘big ticket’ drama and children’s programming, is becoming ever more complex. The effective management of the process is the team’s ‘stock in trade’ as they create a seamless patchwork of pre-sales, advances and tax credits. 

Sheridans’ TV lawyers advise leading players on the commissioning, finance and distribution of television programmes as well as merchandising, rights clearance and content issues, talent deals and music for TV.